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Realistic Feel

Rigid Construction

Turf Aeration

All Year Round Golf

Welcome to Spurk Golf

Summer golf, all year round

Spurk Golf’s objective when designing the new tru-lies strike mat was to create a realistic stable playing surface to give golfers of all ability the feel of summer golf all year round.

Summer Golf

All Year Round

2 different grass lengths

The Spurk Golf strike mat not only protects the golf course or practice area, but assists in the aeration of the turf.

Player Testimonials

These mats are so stable and firm, by far the best I have used

Hallelujah, a mat that doesn't move

I can actually spin chip shots and shape my iron shots. Other mats just move too much

This mat is unbelievable. It feels exactly like playing off grass

This is the only mat I have ever been able to play off

I have always hated having to play off mats, but since I got my Spurk mat I don't mind at all

I just love the fact that they don't move at all

They feel so solid as you hit down on the ball and the mat doesn't move at all

Golf Spurk Mat Pics

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